Have you ever walked by a bakery and caught a whiff of freshly baked cookies, instantly igniting a craving? That same “Crave Compass” is constantly guiding us in life – if we pay attention.

Lately, I’ve been tuning into my own cravings, jotting down a long list in my journal. There are some recurring themes:

  • Stylish Days - where flair, intentionality, beauty, and self-expression take center stage
  • Creative Days - where ideas flow freely, and thoughts manifest into reality
  • Fun Days - where play and pleasure dictate the agenda
  • Healthy Days - where my plates are bursting with vibrant colors, and my body feels nourished and alive
  • Slow Days - where there’s no rush, no agenda, just the simple pleasure of being present

I’ve decided to let this list be my guide, shaping my days according to what I truly crave.

I encourage you to create your own Crave list. What does your heart yearn for? What brings you joy and fulfillment?

Here’s to living a life filled with what we truly desire.

With love,

The Body Compass

Everything you need to know is within you.

Listen. Feel. Trust the body’s wisdom."

~Dan Millman

Have you turned down the volume of your body’s wisdom? If so, it’s time to crank it back up with a concept called The Body Compass.

This approach invites you to rediscover your inner guidance by tuning into the messages your body is sending you. Your physical and emotional responses hold the key to unlocking your most authentic, joyful life by illuminating what ignites your soul and steering you away from what drains you.

To embrace The Body Compass, start by mindfully listening to your body’s signals. Celebrate moments of invigoration and acknowledge instances of disconnection. Use these insights to make soul-nourishing choices that prioritize activities, places, habits, styles, and relationships that set your spirit on fire.

Your body’s wisdom is always available – are you ready to turn up the volume and let it guide you?

The Pivot Year

Whether you’re facing a major crossroads or simply looking to cultivate a more purposeful and fulfilling life, The Pivot Year: 365 Days to Become the Person You Truly Want to Be is your guide to awakening your true potential.

With a year’s worth of daily insights and reflections designed to inspire, motivate, and challenge you, The Pivot Year is the perfect companion on the road to self-discovery. Uncover the keys to letting go of limiting beliefs, embracing new opportunities, and making meaningful changes that will allow you to create the future of your dreams.

The Crave Compass: Navigating Your Way to a Fulfilling Life

Do you ever feel like you’re craving more from life? In today’s podcast, I’m exploring a concept I call The Crave Compass – a powerful tool for tuning into your deepest desires and using them to guide your days.

Join me as I share my personal journey with The Crave Compass and offer practical tips for creating your own Crave list. Whether you’re yearning for more creativity, fun, health, or simplicity, this episode will help you unlock the power of your cravings and start living a life filled with what you truly desire.

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