Do you love a good rom-com as much as I do?

There’s just something about that movie genre that always reminds me of life’s joys and possibilities.

Now let me ask you: what if you prioritized infusing some of that magic into your everyday life?

Embracing pleasure not only brings joy but can also lead to better health, a thriving career, and a more youthful look and feel.

Studies show that prioritizing pleasure can reduce stress and improve well-being.

In fact, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high stress levels, with women being more likely to report higher levels.

Now, imagine how dramatically your life could shift if you prioritized pleasure in your daily life – especially as a woman who often puts her own needs last.

Days brimming with joy, sensuality, and unapologetic pleasure? Yes, please!

This is why we’re focusing on Creating Your Pleasure Portfolio within the School of Self-Image next month.

To give you some ideas, here’s a glimpse of how I turn my ordinary days into unforgettable, rom-com-style experiences:

  • Seize the Moment: Life is full of unexpected twists, and I embrace the spontaneity. Whether it’s saying “yes” to a last-minute dinner invite or taking a walk in the rain, I seize opportunities to create memories.
  • Embrace the Quirks: I celebrate my uniqueness and find joy in the little quirks that make me who I am.
  • Set the Scene: Just like in the movies, setting the scene is key to creating pleasurable days. I fill my space with flickering candles and my favorite feel-good tunes, and I dress the part in outfits that make me feel like a leading lady.
  • Spread the Love: Love can brighten even the dullest days. I spread love wherever I go through acts of kindness, heartfelt gestures, or simply sharing a smile.
  • Find Your Sidekick: I surround myself with people who lift me up, support me, and add a little extra sparkle to life. Fonz is the best supporting actor ;).
  • Embrace the Ups and Downs: I embrace the highs and lows, knowing that each experience adds depth to my personal storyline.

Are you ready to elevate your every day with audacious pleasure?

We are opening the doors to the School of Self-Image for 48 hours only.

During the month of July, you’ll:

✨ Discover how to prioritize happiness & explore new avenues of pleasure

✨ Create a personal pleasure portfolio that will leave you feeling inspired

✨ Learn life-changing practices to reduce stress & find more joy

And that’s just the beginning. The School of Self-Image is where women master the art of joyful reinvention and discover the keys to living the life of their dreams.

Ready to unlock a world of pleasure and possibility?

With a romantic heart,

The Magic in the Romance

“We all need a little bit of romance in our lives. A little bit of magic. You shouldn’t trust all of the stories, but you should believe some.”

~ Bec McMaster

Romance isn’t just about grand gestures and fairy tale endings. It’s about finding magic in the everyday moments, embracing the enchantment that life has to offer. When we infuse our lives with a touch of romance, we open ourselves up to a world of wonder and possibility. We start to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and become the main characters in our own captivating story.

So, how can you bring more romance into your daily life? 

Start by savoring the little things – the warmth of a cup of coffee, the beauty of a sunset, the laughter of a loved one. Dress up for yourself, create a cozy atmosphere in your home, and indulge in activities that make you feel alive. Write love letters to yourself, dance in the rain, and let your imagination run wild.

Most importantly, believe in the magic of your own story. Trust that life has incredible adventures in store for you, and open your heart to the romance that surrounds you every day.

Monette Linen Dress

You’ll be poised to star in your own summery rom-com in the enchanting Monette Linen Dress. Crafted from lightweight, 100% linen, this dreamy dress effortlessly floats with your every move.

Picture yourself strolling along a sunlit boardwalk, the full skirt dancing around your legs as you savor the salty ocean air. Or imagine yourself at a garden party, the ethereal fabric catching the light as you laugh and sip champagne amidst blooming flowers. This summer must-have is more than just a dress – the Monette Linen Dress is an invitation to embrace your inner romantic heroine.

How to Romanticize Your Life

Have you ever wished your life felt more like a rom-com? In today’s podcast, I’m sharing my secrets for infusing your everyday moments with a touch of magic and romance. 

From savoring the little things to embracing your inner main character energy, I’ll guide you through simple yet powerful ways to transform your ordinary days into extraordinary adventures. Whether you’re single, coupled up, or somewhere in between, this episode will inspire you to create your own enchanting love story.

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