Happy 2023!

The new year is in full swing over here, and three big things are front and center for me right now.

Live Like an Editor

I’m getting ready for our most popular workshop, Live Like an Editor - starting on Monday! Are you coming?

Let There Be a Method to Your Madness

Isn’t it relaxing when you type a destination into your GPS and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and follow the directions? That’s what it feels like to have a method for evolving your self-image. The Self-Image Method can take you there.

Get a taste of the Self-Image Method in our upcoming Live Like an Editor workshop.

SPF for Your Beautiful Face

Your future’s so bright, Reagan - you’re going to need a good SPF (yes, even in winter!) This is my fave from Priori - one of our beloved sponsors at SOSI Desert Live! last year.

Use the code SOSI20 to receive 20% off your first order.

Big News

It all started last June while I was in the middle of doing a major closet cleanout. As I placed the last piece of chosen clothing on the hanger and basked in the glory of a fresh, updated closet, I had a big a-ha.


The way I had just tackled my closet was the way I have transformed my self-image (and my entire life). I’ve now called this approach the Self-Image Method. It’s 5 simple steps that will help you decide where to focus, what to elevate, and what to let go of. Get a taste of it in this week’s podcast.


For access to the entire method, watch the membership area. We’ll be releasing it within the School of Self-Image this week!

And, if you’re not a member …

What in the world?

Doors will be opening soon.

Get in there and get ready to meet your future self.

// TheEDIT

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