Did you ever watch The Oprah Winfrey Show®? As a little girl, I loved it so much that I’d rush home after school just to catch it. My favorite episodes?

The “before and afters” - I would sit in front of my old RCA tv, watching in complete awe as people were transformed.







Love, rising out of the most extraordinary circumstances.

Ever since then, I’ve been working on my own after-story, and I’m so proud of the one I’ve created, the one I’m still creating every single day.

And guess what? My mission is to help you do the same.

To me, life is about seeing how much you can surprise and delight yourself. It’s about seeing what amazing things you can create. It’s about surrounding yourself with people you love - and loving them hard.

Now, I’m on a mission to support 5,000 women to create their own mind-blowing “Call up Oprah and tell her I’m on my way!” kind of after stories over the next 3 years.

Why? Because now I know that self-image is the answer.

When you change the way you see yourself, everything in your life changes. The people change. The bank account changes. The outfits change. The surroundings change. The results change… in all the very best ways.

The truth is, you’ve never needed to be fixed. You needed to be set free. Self-image is the key that unlocks that cage. How does it work? You simply follow the Self-Image Method - a 5-step process to creating yourself one intentional day at a time.

We’ll rewrite your past. Revamp your present. And reimagine your future…

And before you know it, you’ll be sharing results like these with the world:

Are you ready to create your After Story?


I’m already believing in it for you. Now, you just need to decide. Will you believe in you? Will you give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted?

And for $97, what better investment could there be than in your own Oprah-inspired transformation?

I can’t think of one.


P.S. Welcome to The After Story Issue. It’s about time.

P.P.S. The doors are closing so, step inside where your “after” story awaits.

Have you ever had trouble staying “consistent” when pursuing your goals? I believe there are 3 reasons why:

  • We want a quick fix instead of committing to a permanent lifestyle shift. Then, ironically, we “overcommit” to an unrealistic action plan we cannot maintain. So we quit.
  • We underestimate the power of tiny shifts, so we try to change too much, too fast, and we’re not able to do it all. So we backslide.
  • We focus on deprivation and restriction (what we have to give up) instead of focusing on the excitement of what we’re becoming and all the new things we get to experience. So we rebound.

    Here’s the fix:

    Change your self-image to match the woman you’re becoming. She’s in no rush. She’s joyfully making tiny shifts. She’s excited about her future, not worried about her past.

    The Self-Image Method will show you how to turn the rudder of your ship just 1 degree per day - sending you in a completely new direction, right toward your After Story.

    Join the School of Self-Image for $97, no commitment. Cancel anytime.

    Fearless Success

    with Allison Jones Hunt, Allison Jones Hunt Art

    “SOSI Sisters, I’m excited to share my 2023 Word of the Year: FEARLESS. I’m fearlessly going after my best life in 2023, and I’m all-in on my Extraordinary Goal: making $100k as a full-time, abstract artist this year.

    I just completed this month's 12 Habits lesson and reflection, and I am excited to share the habit I will be working on this month: painting every day in January. In the past, I have found myself avoiding a blank canvas, having trouble believing I'll be able to create another great piece. But not anymore.

    I also made major progress toward my EG this week. My future self definitely invests in photoshoots of herself and her art. Here's to a January full of fearlessly creating!”

    This journal, you all. I’m telling you. It is FIRE. Let me explain

    First off, you can only get this journal when you join the School of Self-Image. (You should join JUST to get the journal. Just saying.)

    So tell me if you can relate to this:

    You go through some type of self-development program, and then you’re like, “Yeah, but what do I actually DO?”

    It’s overwhelming, discouraging, and honestly, disappointing because if you can’t translate your insight into action “Was it even worth it?” I don’t think so.

    That’s why I created the newest version of the Daily 3 Journal. It’s how you take everything you’re learning and put it to work in your daily life.

    “The new Daily 3 was exactly what I needed to reignite my fire. 2023 is going to be an extraordinary year.” - Abby.

    With the Daily 3 journal, you’ll make just 3 tiny, daily shifts to change your entire life one day at a time. You’ll track your progress toward your Extraordinary Goal, inspire yourself, motivate yourself, and elevate your self-image. It’s all laid out for you, so you know exactly what to do.

    I can’t say enough about this journal. Grab it today when you join the School of Self-Image.

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    This week, I’m sharing how to create the most extraordinary year ever in an episode you just can’t miss.

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