Looks can be deceiving.

You may see a well-dressed, well-groomed woman and think, “Oh, she definitely loves herself.”

But that’s not always the case.

Here’s a better way to spot a woman who has her self-love game dialed in.

Watch how she protects herself. Look for how she takes a stand for herself. Observe how she holds herself.

Case in point.

I just boarded a flight and saw a woman politely tell someone “no” who wanted to trade seats. She didn’t drop into people pleasing and deny her desires.

She delivered this “no” with quiet confidence & a degree of kindness that told me, “Yep, she loves herself.”

Let’s exercise those self-love muscles daily. Trust me, they get stronger.

Welcome to the Self-Love Issue. It’s truly the core of a beautiful life.

There can be no happy ending to an unhappy journey.

It seems so obvious when you hear it but as we know, hindsight is 20/20. If you string together a series of unhappy days, does it add up to a happy life? I don’t think so. The secret to getting everything you want is to enjoy the journey. Trust me on this one.

On Being All of You

with Darnell Collier

“I was working through health issues (not 1 not 2 but 4 strokes). I lost a son, a daughter, all of my confidants, my Husband, and all of my siblings that I grew up with. I felt horrible but then I stumbled upon Tonya and looked at the beauty that surrounded her and it touched my soul and moved me back to life. Her voice was like an angel in the wind, calling to me and so I leaped.

I went from a size 16/18 to a size 6/8. For the first time in my life since I was 8 years old, I am not someone's mother, caretaker, or wife. The light has been turned on and I am so happy and full of life now. My entire being has been changed.”

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Love

Do you need a little guidance in the self-love department? I think we all do at times.

Today is the last day to join the School of Self-Image.

This month, within the School of Self-Image membership, our focus is all about self-love…

But not in the way that you may think.

We’re focusing on the relationship you have with your goals. Because when you decide to accomplish something you’ve never done before, your thoughts about that goal will reveal whether your relationship with yourself is loving or cold…

Confident or full of doubt…

Supportive or destructive…

How do you treat yourself when you make a mistake?

How do you treat yourself when you’re down? How do you celebrate when you win?

These are the REAL measures of self-love. Kindness. Support. Encouragement. BOUNDARIES. And of course, sky-high standards (because yes, you can!)

I encourage you to join us. I can’t imagine living an extraordinary life full of joy WITHOUT this month’s class.

Truly. You should be here.

My Secret Productivity Hack

My accomplishments from 2022 truly floor me. As you practice this self-image work, you become stronger, more effective, and more confident about every part of your life.

And you know what, Heather? Some of my biggest accomplishments were measured in free time, deeply enjoying my family, revisiting my hometown and seeing it through new eyes, and elevating my self-care routine.

Here are a few special screenshots of these beautiful life goals and dreams accomplished.

(I took them from the Behind-the-Scenes video footage and classwork that’s brand new this month within the School of Self-Image.)

And if you want to know the thread that runs through my entire life - my *secret* productivity hack that allows me to get all of this accomplished with ease and joy, then be sure to tune into this week’s podcast.

My Secret Productivity Hack

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