Have you ever felt stuck, Tom?

Back in 2020, that’s exactly how I felt. In my business, my life, and my vision for the future.

Growing up in the South, I learned the importance of slowing down and taking time to “think on” your life.

I had reached that point… but I couldn’t get into a truly reflective mindset at home.




I needed to get away from my day-to-day environment. So I jumped on a plane and headed to California.

What was on the itinerary? Thinking time.

I made some HUGE decisions on that trip - decisions that changed the trajectory of my life.

“Think trips” - or reflective getaways - allow you to get back to your truth, your desires, and your life in a way that feels restorative, so you have the clarity and energy to take action.

It could be a day at a beautiful park or a weekend at your favorite local hotel.

Or maybe it’s a magical 2.5 days in New Orleans with yours truly. At SOSI South, this November, I’ll be showing you how to elevate every part of your life through the art of charm - with plenty of opportunities to reflect along the way. Don’t miss out. We still have a few tickets left, so reserve yours today.

Whatever destination you choose, there is only one requirement. You must actually get away. That means leaving your familiar surroundings behind and heading somewhere different and inspiring.

Welcome to this edition of The Edit. It’s the Getaway issue. Let’s go!

Life-Changing Getaways

with Jennifer Klatt

“I saw this from a friend today: A bottle of water at Costco is $0.25. The same bottle in a good restaurant or hotel is $3. The bottle and the brand are the same. The only difference is the place.

Such a great analogy, and reminds me of Tonya’s lesson about changing your environment. I found Tonya in 2020, during a low point in my life, and the overall result has been truly life-changing.

I signed up for SOSI South because I have experienced big shifts after attending the previous two SOSI Live events. At SOSI Beach, I acknowledged a deeply buried dream to live in a condo in a city, which I was able to make a reality a few months later.

At SOSI Desert, the visualization exercise motivated me to tackle my next extraordinary goal of weight loss. And being in a room with so many like-minded women is an incredible experience!”

How to Take Time to “Think On” Your Life

I am a BIG believer in stepping away from your life to think on your life.

But once you’ve made the reservations and cleared your calendar, then what? To get the most out of your reflective getaway, you must go in with a clear plan. 

You have to know what you want to accomplish, for example, and set up your environment for success. 

Does your space have the right lighting? Do you need a particular kind of music for inspiration? In this episode, we’ll dive into all the details. 

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