When I left the South over ten years ago to head west, I didn’t think I’d EVER come back.

It was too slow, too polite, too hot and humid, too traditional, too stuck in its ways.

What’s the saying? Sometimes you need to leave to appreciate what you had all along.

That about sums up my love story with the South.


One day, while walking to my car on a frigid, snowy morning in Denver,  I found my heart craving the stillness of a Sunday on my mom’s porch, the politeness of a total stranger, the beautifully manicured lawns, the sounds of crickets chirping in the evening, the “bless your heart” vs. “what the hell are you doing?”

Southern charm is a REAL thing. And, you can fight it all you want, but take it from someone who knows, eventually, it will win.  

We all have that special thing that fills us up and makes us feel whole. For me, it’s my connection to the South.

What’s your thing?

It could be a place or a person or a memory. Whatever it is, hold it close. The South has always been in my heart. I’m so glad to be back.

Welcome to the Giraffe Magic issue of The Edit. Read on to find out the beautiful story behind this week’s theme.


The Benefits Of Charm


Growing up in the South, charm was a way of life. But in the last ten years, I have learned a different kind of charm that goes SO much deeper than style and social grace.

Real charm is a magical inner quality we ALL have, and it can transform your life. In fact, I credit charm for everything I have today - my business, my life, even my love.

When you learn to tap into your natural charm, you become magnetic.

The right people and opportunities flock to you, and the doors to your desires open effortlessly.

The many benefits of charm include:

  • Deeper relationships with others.
  • More influential connections
  • Better career
  • More money

 But the most rewarding and unexpected benefit I’ve discovered?

The better relationship with myself. To be a charming woman, you have to stop trying so hard to be liked and focus on loving yourself.

And that has made ALL the difference.


Manifesting Giraffes

with Nadine Kerstan

“In March 2021, I joined SOSI after my best friend ghosted me. I felt a giant gaping hole where she used to be, and Tonya’s teachings and the Facebook group were a ray of sunshine.

I posted an invitation in the Facebook group to dine at Eleven Madison Park in NYC. Three beautiful women took me up on my offer, and we shared a magical evening. The next time we dined there, three more enchanting SOSI women joined us.

The conversation flowed for hours, and it was clear that something magical was brewing. That evening, we played the first of many manifestation games, and inexplicably, a giraffe came to mind, and I shared that with the group. I had never thought much about giraffes before but in a flash there she was, a darling, graceful creature, and within minutes, we realized giraffes were all around us!

The day after our dinner, I passed by a new apartment building and glanced inside. Smack in the middle of the lobby was a gorgeous 8-foot tall white giraffe with a glittering crystal chandelier in its mouth.

It was then that I knew I was surrounded by some serious giraffe magic. Of course, I immediately sent a photo to my SOSI “goddesses” and before long our phones were blowing up with images of all the giraffes everyone had manifested within a very short time. 

Simultaneously, our friendship was evolving into something delicious and deep. We all felt it.

For me, the giraffe has come to symbolize love, magic, manifestation, abundance, luscious luxury, and loyal friendship that I would never have believed was possible. Giraffe is my 2023 Word of the Year, and it inspires me beyond measure.”

Want to surround yourself with some serious giraffe magic?

As we heard from Nadine, it’s no secret that when like-minded women gather together, MAGIC happens.

So many extraordinary women have already signed up for SOSI South, a luxe weekend retreat designed to help you uncover how to use your inner charm to create a captivating life.

Will you take your place among them? There are only a few spots left.

The Ultimate Giraffe Neck(lace)


Want to manifest some giraffe magic in your own life? This delicate giraffe necklace is SO pretty and perfect for

keeping close to your heart. There are only a few left, so grab one quickly if you love it!


The Dos and Don'ts of Creating a Charmed Life


Are you ready to tap into your inner charm?

In this week’s episode, I dive deep into the do’s and don’ts of living a charmed life. If you’d like to learn how to magnetize your deepest desires, you won’t want to miss this one.

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