I’ll never forget these wise words from a French woman I met who seemed to have it all figured out:

“There are three things you do every day, Tonya. Eat, get dressed, and spend time in your home. Master these three things.”

At the time, I was struggling with my weight, my go-to outfit was baggy khakis, and my home was a disorganized mess. 

Her advice was a lightbulb moment for me.

When I think about the common daily annoyances that friends and clients share with me, it’s no coincidence they fall into these same three areas.

I have nothing to wear.                           I have no control over food.                My home is a mess.                                  I can’t find anything.

That wise French woman was really onto something.

How are we supposed to chase the BIG things if we have not yet mastered the little ones?

It’s those little things that are creating our lives. Life happens in those little moments.

Within the School of Self-Image, we focus on elevating our mindset, style, and environment because we know that these three areas are the foundation for everything else in life.

What if you decided to approach eating, dressing, and being at home with the same level of care that you applied to family, relationships, and career?

What if you turned those everyday tasks - preparing meals, getting dressed, cleaning up - into RITUALS, rather than chores?

When you start savoring the little things, instead of dreading them, life not only gets more enjoyable, your BIG dreams suddenly feel within reach.

Welcome to the Rituals issue of The Edit, where daily acts become moments of joy.


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Design a stylish morning ritual you love.

I used to get dressed on autopilot.

Pulling on those old khakis, day after day, and let me tell you my friend, it was not a joyful experience. It was just something I had to do to get on with the day.

But that French woman inspired me to make a few style shifts: 

I edited my wardrobe.                                                                                                      I invested in pieces that made me feel fabulous.                                                              And I organized and decluttered my closet. 

I also started asking myself the same three questions, which I still do every morning, without fail. 

1. What is my agenda for the day?                                                                               2. How do I want to feel emotionally?                                                                          3. How do I want to show up?

I choose my outfit for the day based on the answers to those questions.

Now I LOVE getting dressed in the morning. It’s become a ritual that I actually look forward to, and it sets the tone for the rest of my day.

Bringing that thoughtful moment of pause to my morning transformed the way I feel about style, and I think it will for you too. 

Let’s just say those khaki pants have never seen the light of day again.

(And if you ever say to yourself, ‘I’d love to lose a few pounds before investing in my wardrobe, don’t skip the Slim Self-Image, starting on June 19! Join us here.)



Dressing for the Future
with Mary Hannah Samples

When "The Style Experience" was announced, I looked at my cluttered closet and just said YES! Cue Cher from the movie Clueless when she says: "I decided I needed a complete makeover, except this time, I'd make over my soul."

My closet was telling a story of a woman who believed she needed to be everything. Teacher. Wife. Step-mom. Caregiver. Performer. All the roles in my head were gathering in my closet and not making very much sense on my body. Not to mention all the things I was holding onto out of fear.

My closet was lackluster, stuffed, and overwhelming. I wanted it to be vibrant, organized, and authentic. And now... it is! 

The way Tonya uses the Self-Image Method in EVERY aspect of her life is simply brilliant. I already feel like a completely different and stylish rock 'n' roll, bohemian woman. I am really digging getting to know my future self, one outfit at a time!”

Interested in The Style Experience? Click below to join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know when we open the doors again.


Find Your Perfect Match

Matching hangers are one of those little things that make such a BIG difference. They instantly make my closet feel glamorous and appealing like I am stepping inside my own personal fashion boutique. I swear by the clean, white lines of these high-quality hangers. Even if you change nothing else, they will make your closet look so much more pulled together and polished.

5 Signs It’s Time for a Closet Cleanse


“Your closet needs to be a place of joy and celebration of who you are now - not who you were.”

I live by this quote by Stacy London and treat my closet to regular makeovers. But how do you know when your closet is ready for a cleanse? In this week’s podcast, we will go over the top 5 signs to look out for.

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