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Where do you call home?

I’ve called a lot of places home. A little trailer in the backwoods of Mississippi. A mountain cabin outside Durango, Colorado. A penthouse condo in Denver, Colorado.

I even moved to Puerto Rico for a few weeks. (Whoops! That island life was definitely not for me.)

Currently, I live in a gorgeous apartment with panoramic views of the rocky mountains, and while it’s not my dream home, I’m still loving where I am right now.

You can make yourself at home wherever you are. I’ve written this edition of The Edit to show you how.

Welcome to The House & Home Issue!

P.S. Guess what? It’s a special day.

I’ve officially recorded the 300th episode of the School of Self-Image podcast.

Listen in to learn my top 10 lessons from recording 300 episodes.

The Thought Edit

A New Thought to Restyle Your Mind

The Power of Fresh Flowers & Potted Plants

To make your house feel more alive, add living things. I’ve always been a flower girl. (You know I’m picking up those gorgeous bouquets at Trader Joe's.)

Recently, I’ve also been expanding into the world of plants. I’m hoping I have my mom’s green thumb. So far, they are hanging in there. Take a look at this beauty!

If I have any plant moms reading this right now, come tell me all your tips on IG @tonyaleigh

I need your help to make my southern mama proud!


Ideas for Elevating from Our Members

A Hot Pink State of Mind
with Jene McComas

“I’ve been incorporating so much Queen energy over my last few months in SOSI. I’ve been working to achieve my extraordinary goal, treating myself to some of the nicest hotels (when I used to stay at places so low-quality I’d leave with bedbug bites!), taking trips to meet SOSI ladies, and doing all the beauty treatments.

Recently, I’ve been upgrading my living space and the creative, artsy part of me wanted a velvet, fuchsia-colored sofa but the practical part of me said to get a neutral color.

Well, guess what? My new self-image requires the beautiful hot pink sofa. I ordered the last one in stock!”

A Taste of Style

Making the Everyday Extraordinary

Develop Your Interior Design Style with Inspiration

A month ago, I was looking at fashion. Now, I’m obsessed with houses because…I’m house shopping!

This all started because I’ve been craving a place to call my own. Something I own that I can decorate…

Somewhere to make memories
Celebrate milestones
Shed some tears
Build my legacy
A place to hold me on this adventure of life
It’s hard to believe I’ve never bought a house before but I’m ready. Recently, I even put an offer down!

Anyway, I cannot get enough of this Instagram account full of drool-worthy design and real estate. It’s a place where a gal can go and dream!

Curate a few accounts like this to get your design juices flowing. There’s a save button on the bottom right below each photo where you can make your own collection from several accounts.

Practice adding and deleting until you have a collection of photos that truly represents your style. Then use your photo album as a “template” to inspire your next home project or purchase!


Habits for Creating the Impossible

Learn the Magic of Tidying Up

This week’s haute habit is keeping a tidy home. You know I’m a huge fan of Marie Kondo. There’s such an elegance and a joy about a tidy home.

If you don’t know about Marie, she’s a Japanese woman who created a very simple approach to completely decluttering your home.

I believe it became such a sensation because it truly works. I’ve used her techniques personally, and my home is always tidy.

Even if you don’t think you could ever become a tidy person, I dare you to read her book:

The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up

There are many psychological, emotional, and financial benefits to tidying beyond just being able to find everything. Tidying is a way of life. It’s a ritual. It can be very calming, almost like a meditation.

If your home’s a hot mess, this could be the most life-changing haute habit we’ve shared so far.

In the Bag

Tools for REinvention

Let’s talk about sheets. Bedding matters.

You spend ⅓ of your life in bed, so sleeping on quality linens is a simple thing you can do to enrich your life and enhance your self-image.

And I’ve tried almost all of them from the infamous Four Seasons bedding to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I always come back to my favorite brand: Cozy Earth

It’s considered the world’s softest sheet, and I agree. If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me.

Try them out and tell me how you like them over @tonyaleigh on Instagram. I would LOVE to hear.

The Toast

Your Invitation to Connect & Celebrate

Connect with Your Home’s Energy

Every space has an energetic feel. Energy either flows through the space or stagnates. This is the foundation of Feng Shui - the Chinese system of laws governing building and decorating homes.

Did you know you can actually connect to the energy of your home?

You can do this in a few ways.

1) Greet your home.

One is inspired by Marie Kondo. Simply greet your home and ask for guidance on improving its energy.

Here’s what Marie does,

“I kneel formally on the floor in the center of the house – or where its vortex is – and address the home in my mind. After introducing myself – including my name and occupation – I ask for help in creating a space where its inhabitants can enjoy a happier life. Then I bow.”

2) Clear the energy.

You could also sage or “smudge” your home. This is an ancient spiritual ritual used to cleanse a space of negative energy.

Scientifically speaking, sage has antibacterial properties and when burned, it releases negative ions that can put you in a good mood.

3) Redecorate.

You can also use your intuition to redecorate or add elements that resonate with you.


Home is where you spend a great deal of your precious life, and it can be an amazing source of joy.

Don’t wait until some future day to create a space you love. Start with a corner, a shelf, or your bed and ask yourself:

How can I make this space feel more like the woman I’m becoming?

Use your home as a tool to elevate your self-image.

Let’s head on home,

// TheEDIT

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