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In my home, the books I read, the clothes I wear, the places I go and the people I surround myself with. I’m always asking myself this telling question: Does this represent the next evolution of you? <TWEET THIS> We are not on this beautiful earth to just work, pay bills and die.  It’s in our DNA to expand, learn and grow. And, because I don’t want to fight Mother Nature, I’ve learned to go with the process.

This means that I outgrow the things around me that don’t evolve, such as clothes, books and sometimes people.  This used to sadden me, as I deeply wanted to grow and, at the same time, keep things the same.  That’s like putting a vibrant tulip in hard clay without water and expecting it to grow.  We know what happens.  It dies.

So, I’m constantly accessing for the hard clay in my life — things that feel heavy, constricting and restricts my growth.

A while back during my epic closet cleanse, there were many pieces that represented the woman I was over a decade ago.  The biggest culprit was a hot pink tennis skirt that I wore at the country club.  Today, I’m just not a country club and hot pink kind of girl (but I still love tennis).  I donated the skirt and many other bags to the local thrift store.

When I cleaned my bookshelf years ago, it was filled with diet and self help books.  (Did you ever own The Atkins Diet Book?)  The woman I wanted to be didn’t waste her precious energy on dieting.  She read beautiful novels and Town & Country.  I edited my shelves of anything that didn’t excite and inspire me. Now, my book shelf is full of books on travel and fashion as well as biographies and the classics.

When I discovered the dehydrator during my move, it represented a whole other era of crazy eating patterns.  I gave it away and bought a Nespresso machine instead.

I continue to discover things of the woman I was, not the woman I’m becoming.

And, this is to be expected, as I’m constantly evolving.

Guess what?

So are you.

Share in the comments what items you have in your home that no longer represent who you are becoming.

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