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Want to know one of my favorite pastimes while in Paris (especially during Fashion Week!?!?) People watching. (isn’t it so much fun?) You can tell a lot about a person by how she carries herself. Let’s analyze. Why do you think models are so captivating? Sure, they’re 6 feet tall and wearing the latest trends, but it’s about so much more. She is trained to walk like she’s royalty. It’s fascinating to watch how she carries herself.

tYet, I’m not interested in being a model, and I know that many of them are full of insecurities and body image issues. I am, however, intrigued with her posture.

On my most recent visit to Paris, I took note of the everyday people walking down the streets. They possessed the same kind of elegant posture that you see on the runways of Paris Fashion Week without the odd outfits and stiletto heels.

From the 60ish year old woman who was opening the doors to her flower shop to the debonaire man who was walking out of the bakery, they exuded so much confidence and that bien dans sa peau (to be comfortable in one’s skin).

They had a style that went far beyond clothes.

Style is about so much more than what you wear;
it’s about how you wear it. {tweet it}

There is nothing more elegant than a woman who carries herself well.

….not just in her posture but with her attitude too.

Here are a few examples:

One of my dear friends is very uptight. Her posture reflects it; she tends to keep her arms crossed and takes short, tight strides.

When you see someone slouched over with her head down, you assume she’s depressed, tired or insecure.

When you witness someone sashaying down a street full of energy with a smile on her face, you assume she’s French Kissing Life (oh, you know you do!).

I remember watching a Peanuts cartoon where Lucy sees Charlie Brown standing around with his shoulders slumped and his head hung low. She asks him, “Why are you standing like that?” He replies, “If I straighten up I can’t stay depressed.” {tweet this}

Our minds and bodies are connected.

It’s a great practice to play around with your posture to influence your mind and vice versa.

In fact, I’ve been sitting at my desk all morning. Ironically, I had scheduled to write this post on posture. When I took note of my own, I noticed how I was slumping over my computer. I also realized that I’m tired.

It was a great reminder to sit up and project the feeling I want to have through my posture.

Just in the time I’ve written this, I’m feeling a bit more energized. It works! It really does!

So . . . shoulders back, head up and let’s look the world straight in the eyes.

Saunter on….down to the comments and answer this question:

If my posture could talk, right now, what would it say?




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