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These were the kinds of questions that consumed my mind for years: How do I lose weight? - What foods should I avoid? - How do I make more money? -How do I find a man? - How do I grow my income? - How do I deal with worry? The problem with this type of inquiry is that it feeds the belief that there’s a problem. It keeps you living in your challenges versus living in possibility.

These questions feel heavy, dull and full of fear. A lifetime of searching for the answers to them? A life filled heaviness, dullness and fear? Doesn’t sound so fabulous.

These kinds of questions simply kept me surviving.

But fully living?

Not at all.

My life changed when I upgraded the quality of my questions.
Tweet: Now, I wake up asking things like: What can I create today? How can I inspire? What amazing foods am I going to cook? What fun adventures am I going to go on? What am I going to write? How will I love? These kind of questions have led me to the most extraordinary life. What kind of questions are you going to ask yourself today? With Inquiry,   signature  

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