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It’s an ordinary Tuesday. I have three client calls, two meetings and an article that is due. I don’t plan on leaving the house until 6PM to join up with a friend for happy hour. It would be so easy to roll out of bed, down some coffee and feel gross all day. Trust me, I know. This was how I used to live. My thoughts back then was that no one would see me. So, why bother? But, I see me. Every single moment of every single day.

Shouldn’t I care how I show up for myself?

I don’t necessarily want an easy life. Ease, yes. But, easy? No. That’s what landed me in a decade battle with my body, serious eating issues and feeling like the world had gone black.

So, on this ordinary day, I shower, throw my hair up in a cute bun, put on a little makeup (nothing serious) and find a comfortable, yet cute outfit for the day. Sometimes, depending on my mood, it may just be beautiful loungewear (but a beautiful set).

Again, nothing fancy. But, it’s part of my daily routine.

I call this impressing yourself, and it’s something I 100% believe is the secret ingredient to adoring yourself.

Here are a few ways you can impress yourself:

  1. Dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful in the body you are blessed with TODAY, not the body you had at 17 or the body you hope to have next year.
  2. Work on that project that you’ve been talking about for a few years now. If it’s a book, just write a paragraph. It’s a learning a language, download Duolingo and take a lesson. Take a small step towards your dream daily and you’ll go to bed each night feeling fulfilled.
  3. Eat nourishing foods until you’re elegantly satisfied. I know it tastes good and you have been telling the story that you have no control, but today is the day to prove yourself wrong, so fast forward to tomorrow morning and imagine how you want to feel about yourself. One less bite, one different choice. Daily. This adds up to create massive results over time.
  4. Make your bed. There’s something beautiful and complete about making your bed each morning before you leave the house (or start your day). Walking through your bedroom and seeing a fresh haven for your sleep is about so much more than bed etiquette. It’s a sign that you are a woman who completes things, daily.
  5. Move your body. Even if it’s right before bed, and you are feeling disappointed in yourself yet again for not exercising. Stretch, do a few lunges or 10 sit ups. Don’t go to bed disappointed in yourself. Ever!
  6. Deep breaths before saying that thing or taking that action. We all get triggered and, if we’re not aware, we’re screaming at our kids or yelling at the man who pulled out in front of us. Next time you feel this surge coming on, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “How can I impress myself in this situation?” You may continue with your original reaction, but it will be a deliberate choice, not a reflex.

There are SO many ways to impress yourself daily.

Start in this moment.

What can you do to impress yourself today? I’ll ‘see’ you in the comments below.

With Love,


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