With the new year, comes new opportunity for change. Many women find themselves busy setting brave resolutions while gym memberships get renewed; fridges get restocked with healthful choices; closets get cleaned out for what was never truly worn again; and budgets and dreams of financial freedom are set with passionate dedication and deliberation.

But, come February, these are often distant memories attached to delicious champagne toasts, courageous ambitions, and elegant fanfare celebrating the start of yet another new year.

Years ago, I resolved to not make another new year’s resolution. The defeat in chasing and struggling to reach goals to improve my life was actually making me feel like an utter failure.

Then, I found something much better and I am so excited to share it with you… It’s what I call “Inspiration Overdose”:

Simply, if you fill your life with beautiful and wonderful things, eventually there will be no room left for what is preventing you from living your most decadent and fulfilling life.


  • If you fill your life with wonderful and inspiring people, there won’t be room for energy-sucking vampires.
  • If you fill your body with highly-nutritious food, there won’t be room for the junk.
  • If you fill your head with books of substance and depth, there won’t be room on your shelf for ones about dieting and self-help.
  • If you take time in the morning to look and feel your best, there won’t be room for negative self-consciousness.
  • If you surround yourself with beautiful music, there won’t be room for toxic sounds of doom and gloom.
  • If you watch mind cultivating films, there won’t be room for reality television.
  • If you take daily action steps towards your desires, there won’t be time for mental brooding.
  • If you consistently refocus on positivity, there won’t be room for negativity.
  • If you fill someone’s heart with love, they will have less room for hate.


Every choice that you make shapes your life. Why not make your choices beautiful?

The trouble is that most people are trying to create change by fighting who and where they are in life: pushing, pulling, struggling, fighting and working hard to reach a goal they believe will satisfy a need.

Instead, with the “Inspiration Overdose” approach, you switch your focus to what you desire. As you crowd out the drains of your life and overdose with beauty, love, passion, adventure and joie de vivre, your life will have no choice but to change.  Goals are reached but in a much more elegant and beautiful way.  It really is that simple!

To start this beautiful adventure, tell me one thing you’re going to infuse into your life today!


With Love,



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