Darling, I am thrilled and honored that you are here and that I’m finally unveiling what I’ve been working on for months.  I’m proud to have birthed this baby with the love and support of a fabulous team, whom you’ll be meeting very soon.  This project has been a process of allowing myself to share my passions and gifts with you – from my love of lipstick and Paris to my mission to inspire you to French Kiss Life from the inside out. Please feel free to look around, be inspired and step into the French Kiss Life-style.  There is so much more coming your way.

Now, let’s talk about the “f” word, and why I love it!

Recently, someone asked me what this lifestyle is all about, and all I could think about were “F” words:  France, femininity, food, fashion, fun, fancy, felicity, fire and facile!  These are the things that inspire me on a daily basis.  These things have been a part of my life ever since I saw the Eiffel tower in a magazine when I was a little girl to when I would put on a crinoline and twirl around my house pretending I was a princess.

I adore being a woman.  Yet, for many years, I was embarrassed by my love of all things feminine, trying to convince myself that I should think and act more like a man if I wanted to be successful.  Over time, obviously, I’ve discovered that our feminine nature is THE key to our success, and I hope that you will discover that it’s your golden ticket as well.

And, that’s exactly what I’ll be delivering to you each week to inspire you to savor the moment, create a life of joie de vivre, embrace your feminine nature and cultivate a life of elegance.  From culture and style to food and fashion to mentality and attitude, I want to expose you to a beautiful world of simple pleasures and decadent indulgences –  all the non-essentials of life that truly make life worth living.

So, let’s talk about the “f” words for a moment and why I’m so passionate about each.



When I stepped off the plane in Paris many years ago, I was exposed to a world of glamour, romance and passion.  From the locks of love on the Ponts des Arts to the chic women who made the streets of Paris their runway, I began to dedicate my life to unraveling the traps of busy-ness and grind to cultivating a life of sweet and slow savoring.  If I could give France a standing ovation, I would, for it’s what has paved the way of a most precious life and offered me a vision of how I desire to see each woman living.   Vive la France!


Sivan Askayo-FKL-HIGH REZ-274

Fashion, for me, is not about haute couture dresses or the finest handbags.  Sure, those things are fabulous, but they are not what makes a woman.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

Fashion is the visual representation of who you are.  It’s how you carry yourself throughout the world – from your attitude to your heels.  I’ve witnessed the transformation in a woman when she aligns her inner beliefs with her outer appearance.  Call it vain. Call it frivolous.  Call it non-essential. I call it art.  And, when you French Kiss Life, each moment is a chance for you to turn your life into a marvelous masterpiece.


Sivan Askayo-FKL-HIGH REZ-312

Virginia Wolfe said it best when she said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Again, thanks to France, I began to drastically change my relationship with food – seeing it as pleasure, not pain; a source of celebration, not guilt.   I began to take great care of my body with how I nourished it through high quality food and dining experiences.  The result?  I overcame a decade long battle with my body and weight, and now I teach women how to do the same.  

In the French Kiss Life-style, a lady dines, not feeds.  She cultivates beautiful experiences around her table and she never, ever feels guilty for having a piece of chocolate.  Here at tonyaleigh.com, you’ll learn about how to create a healthy (or dare I say, pleasurable) relationship with food.  Bring on la chocolat, s’il vous plaît!



People often joke that I am a lady who follows the fun, and I’m proud to admit that it’s true.  I try to turn everything into an experience where I can find joy.  For example, I was in Paris last year for Le Voyage Paris, and my event planner and I walked out of the apartment, and as soon as the door closed, I asked her if she had the key.  “No,do you?”  “No,” I replied.

I realized in that moment that we could either panic and lose our marbles or we could laugh, realizing that everything is happening as it should.  We joked about how we were going to have to climb the walls like superman to get into the open window or catch a train to Venice where the other key was.  Long story short, the key turned up in  her bag, but the point is that every moment is a chance to find a little ray of laughter and sunshine.

When you look back over your life, you’ll remember the nights you were intoxicated with laughter, the moments that took your breath away and skinny dipping in the moonlight.  More people need to give themselves permission to have fun and play in the world.  Gone are the days of hurried business.  Just because you’re a part of the human race doesn’t mean that you need to race.  Instead, I want you to replace the frantic chaos with moments of elation and joy, those that will leave you smiling long after the party is over.



I could go on for days about this topic (and trust me, you’ll be hearing more on it).  However, for now, I just want to let you know that your feminine spirit is dying to be unleashed.  She wants to offer and receive love, offer her gifts and service to the world, embrace her spontaneity and adventurous side, enjoy ecstatic sex and simple hugs, be gentle and vulnerable and savor every moment of her life.


laughing on the beach

I guess I could have just used the word “happiness,” but I love the sound of felicity so much more.  Don’t you?  Just say it, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It just rolls off the tongue like a beautiful ballet.

When you look up the definition of felicity, you’ll discover that it means “intense happiness.”  That’s how I desire to see you live – blissed out with passion and over-the-top joie de vivre.  And guess what?  Your world will not crumble or fall apart.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  You’ll discover that more more felicitous you are, the more you draw that same energy to you.  The best news is that you can begin to live a that life now by looking for the bright side, celebrating your strengths and living in a constant state of appreciation.



Luxury, high quality, chichi, lavish, ornate, detailed, glitter, sparkling, rich, sumptuous, extravangant – these words can all be summed up by my very Southern term of fancy.  Some would consider fancy things to be non-essential and frivolous.  Perhaps, those people are right, but I don’t mind enjoying the frivolities of life.  In fact, I appreciate and celebrate them, which is why I’ve probably been able to attract such fancy experiences into my life.  From beautiful chandeliers to a perfectly foamed latte, I have come to discover that all those non-essentials are actually what adds such depth and color to our lives.  Bring on the fancy! 


fire hands

I want to see you on fire for life, filled with fervor and passion.  Think about a hot romance – one filled with kisses, admiration and intense feelings – and turn that emotion around and offer that to your life.  This requires that you let go of fear and beliefs that don’t serve you and constantly turn towards your desires and your own truth.   It also requires that you show up in each moment with passion – it’s within you, not something you must go “out there” to find.  To be lit up and intoxicated with life…that is my wish and prayer for you!


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One of my favorite French phrases is c’est facile, meaning “it is easy.”  If I’ve learned anything in my almost four decades on this planet, it’s that we often make things hard that don’t need to be, and I am on a mission to help women discover a path of ease in cultivating a life they love.  One of my favorite questions to ask my clients is, “How can this be easy,”  and within moments, they are coming up with elegant solutions to what they once thought to be hard.   Sure, there are challenges in life, but I’m sure you can find an easier path to navigating them.  Long gone are the days of grinding and pushing your way to success.  I want life to be as easy and elegant as possible for you.  What if it could be easy?  

Here at tonyaleigh.com, we’ll be diving into the “f” words on a regular basis.  This will be your go-to place for life cultivation –  from what you wear and how you wear it to what you choose to believe to how you dine to how you love.  It all matters.  And, it’s all going to be here, made with love just for you.

I am honored, thrilled and ecstatic to have you join me in this beautiful and crazy adventure called life.  Let’s French Kiss it, shall we?

And, I’d be so appreciative if you’d let me know what you want to learn more about.  I’m here for you!



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