Do you think you can have what you want? It’s an important question to answer, because if you doubt that you can, you never will. Let me share a story with you. Over a decade ago, I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed and stuck in life. I’d wake up and ask myself, “Is this it?” was floundering, resisting, constantly searching for answers and taking tons of action out of desperation. 

The result?  Nothing.  More of the same.  A life of reaction.  Vanilla living.  

I craved so much more more.

Then, I had 3 experiences within a three year time span that would forever change my life.

First, I went to sommelier school.  Learning about the world of wine was a metaphor of life – slowing down long enough to indulge and savor in the richness of the human experience. That was my first step into luxurious living.

Second, I experienced the power of horses. Did you know that a horse can tell you everything about yourself – your fears, strengths, where you’re resisting life, where you’re free flowing?  On a beautiful sunny day at a ranch in California, a horse showed me my fears, sabotaging beliefs and how to turn it all around.  I began to take back the reigns of my own life.

Finally, I went to Paris. At the time, I lived like most American women — quietly terrified of not having enough money, of not being skinny enough, of not being good enough for love, success, beauty & over-the-top passion.

After spending a week in the City of Lights, I embraced an entirely new approach to life — a life of joie de vivre, where a value was placed on everyday luxuries, like friends, food, music, style & beauty … and slowing down long enough to taste your Bordeaux.

I returned home from Paris a changed woman — as so many women do! I no longer wanted to ‘work harder’ or ‘uplevel my goals’. I realized that ‘playing bigger’ meant slowing down to a Parisian pace — and learning to appreciate the beauty my life already held, in abundance.

My world didn’t fall apart.  Quite the opposite.  Everything began to shift in miraculous ways – more luxury, ease, and elegance!  I began to believe that I could, in fact, have the life I craved.

Et Voila . . . 3 major life experiences helped me crack the code of lifestyle design:

:: slowing down long enough to hear my own soul

:: stop resisting life

:: letting go of the story that no longer served me

:: having the courage to create what I desire

:: infusing my life with everyday luxury and style…

And, I’ve helped women from all over the world do the same – start a dream business, sashay right out of corporate, triple their revenue, find their soulmate, create their dream bodies, become a woman of charm and confidence, design a lifestyle of travel and play and so much more.  And, they’ve done it with ease, a sense of fun and heart full of passion.

What does this all have to do with you?

Well, if you are a woman who is craving more out of life than the daily grind, is tired of waiting, wants to sashay right through the obstacles and challenges that keep stopping you every time, wants to create a life strategy that feels like play and thinks Paris is always a good idea, I am tickled to introduce the School of Self-Image.

During this adventure, you will be exposed to the exact experiences that changed my life, and will, without a doubt, do the same for you.

This is a boutique Society that I pour my heart and soul into.  For this reason, only 12 women will be accepted, so don’t take too long to saunter over and get your application turned in.  I’m hosting interviews next week. These spots won’t be around long.  So, don’t run, but do saunter quickly!

To travels and desires,


(P.S.  Don’t take my word for what an incredible experience the Society is.  Click here to read what past members have to say.)

(P.P.S. I’m hosting interviews next week, so get that application turned in if this sounds like something your soul is craving.)

Self-Image Makeover

Live Your Life With Style, Flare, and Elegance