I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.

Audrey Hepburn

On January 17th (tomorrow), I’m throwing a virtual party with where I’ll be launching my new website as well as offering a very sweet and seductive 24-hour only promo. You are invited! I’ve provided you with your pre-party checklist.  Feel free to use every day.  In fact, I highly encourage it.  Because every day is a celebration of life!

Here’s a suggested list, but feel free to delete or add whatever ignites you:

– lipstick (of course!)
– a sexy outfit
– flirtatious lingerie
– cute shoes

– a cup of tea, glass of wine or sparkling water will do
– a candle
– a match
– a burning desire
– a kissable attitude
– play this song when you walk through the virtual door on tomorrow, January 17th!

See you tomorrow!


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