Last week, I wrote about your Table of Excellence, the sacred space reserved for only the best mentors and friends who will impact your life greatly.   Actually, what I wrote was about the six people you should remove from it if you want to live a beautiful life. As I mentioned, it’s common to find yourself with an empty table sitting all by your lonesome  once you’ve removed those who no longer fit into the fabulous life you are living and creating.

Never fear.  It’s just a great opportunity for you to get clear on who you want to surround yourself with and then start sending out Divine invitations and await their arrival.

Here are the types of people that I’ve invited to my Table of Excellence:

1.  The Opportunist

I’m not speaking about the opportunist who is willing to take action, despite moral and ethical consequences.  I’m speaking of the person whose mind sees problems and challenges like mazes with there always being a way out.  They never get stuck in a problem but constantly look at how to find the next corner, idea, person, resource to create what they want.

When you’ve encountered a challenge and feel stuck, you want the opportunist on speed dial to help you get out of your mental maze.

In my life, this person is an incredible businessman.

2.  The Archaeologist

Often times, your truth is much deeper than you’ve ever explored.  And, it takes a special person to dig deep enough to help you bring it to the surface.

When you are trying to figure out whether to leave or stay, the price of your next product or whether to sale your home, you don’t need someone to tell you what to do.   You know the answer.   What you need is someone to dig so deep with the right questions that the answer appears.

It needs to be noted that the archaeologist’s only agenda is finding the truth, and all her questions will be centered around that one desire.  So, if you find the questions misleading with personal influences, such as, “Do you really think you should stay with that asshole,”  then you don’t have an archaeologist; you have a opinionated friend.

I have several people in my life who always have just the right questions to help me dig to my truth.  You can usually find this quality in a good coach or therapist.

3.  The Cheerleader

When you’ve had a bad day and your world is falling apart, you need a cheerleader at your table.  Her role is none other than to pick up your vibrations so you can figure out what’s next. Her gift really is cheering you and others up, so depend on her for that, but don’t demand that she offer you any life changing revelations; that’s not her strength.  But, put a smile on your face?  Absolutely!   And, sometimes, that’s all you need to get back in the game.

At my table, my daughter is my biggest cheerleader and helps her mama get back in the game!

4.  The Life Connoisseur

The history of Champagne, works of Cezanne, what pairs perfectly with foie gras or where to visit on your next trip to Prague – this person seems to know a little about everything.

She’ll most likely be able to pull a lesson from the life of Marie Antoinette that is relevant to your recent argument with your husband, or recommend a perfume that will change your life.

She’s fun, but even more, she’s a worldly woman with deep curiosity, and her perspective will be like no other.

Because I consider myself to be a connoisseur of life, I tend to attract a lot of these around my table, which makes for delicious meals and ah-mazing conversations.

5.  The Money Maker

Some people just know how to make money with the ability to turn a $20 into $100 almost instantly (or $20,000 into $100,000).   You want these people at your table because they think from an abundant mindset, knowing that there’s always to make money.  For those who struggle with seeing money through the “there’s never enough” filter, these people will change the way you think about the dollar bill, and, therefore the amount of money you attract.

Because I didn’t grow up wealthy and definitely had lack mindset ingrained in my thinking, I am fascinated with the money makers.  I’m not as impressed by the amount of their portfolios as I am with their relaxed attitude around it.   Over the years, I have surrounded myself with very wealthy people, and nothing has changed my attitude around money more than being in their presence.

6.  The Guru

When you need an inspirational quote to put everything in perspective, the guru always has just the right words at the right time.  This person may not tell you what you want to hear, but they’ll tell you what you need to know.   He will be your spiritual crutch when you feel too weak to walk, and he will also be your spiritual smackdown when he sees you off of your path.

My guru is my best friend, and her words of wisdom have helped me navigate some touch waters.

7.  The Mentor/Coach

This person knows you, knows where you want to go, and they are by your side along the journey.  They don’t have your answers, but they sure do have your back!

How to choose a mentor?  Well, what I do is find someone who has created a life for themselves that I admire, and then I simply ask.  It really is that simple.  And, do you need a mentor?  Absolutely!  But, then again, that’s just my opinion.

So, tell me:  who sits at your table of excellence?

What do you look for in your mentors?  And, which one of these archetypes do you think you are?


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