Elegant women manage their money and their feelings about it.

Money is a funny subject. Though we all need it to survive, it can be a tricky thing to talk about. You may even know some people who outright refuse to talk about money. You might know others who seem to only talk about money. 

Whether you have money or not, there is no denying its powerful influence on our lives. From warming our homes to paying for flights around the world (hello, Paris!) to donating to your local church and feeding your family, money indeed makes the world go round.

A concept that may come as a surprise is that money is nothing more than energy. 

Sure, it comes in many forms: cash, assets, real estate, gold, and even cryptocurrency – but all in all, it is nothing more than the energy that flows from one point to another. 

Unfortunately, the idea that money is energy typically falls on deaf ears. And that’s because the concept of money has been a bit corrupted. 

Many people associate wealth with greed, hoarding, and scarcity.  A lot of us have been programmed to believe that somehow money is evil and the source of suffering. 

And some folks may judge you harshly for either having money or not having it. 

I’m here to tell you that money is fun.

Money can be a fantastic tool for bringing your dreams and aspirations to life, as long as you throw out all of your preconceived notions around it and learn to love your wealth entirely.

So, if money is energy, how can you harness that energy to your advantage? 

How can you use the money you have to attain the kind of life you truly want and deserve?

Elegant Women Have a Distinctive Definition of Wealth

It’s easy to use society’s definitions and fall prey to an unhealthy, compare-and-contrast mode when it comes to money. 

You may start thinking that because you don’t have what others have, you aren’t wealthy. Or, if you don’t earn what others earn, you aren’t worthy of all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned over the years with my financial health is that one must redefine what it means to be wealthy. 

By taking back control over the meaning of money for yourself, you immediately become wealthier. 

Go deep within and ask yourself: what does being wealthy mean to you? 

  • Does it mean owning a yacht and multiple homes? 
  • Does being wealthy mean that you fly around the world, traveling to distant countries? 
  • Does being rich mean that you never worry about paying the bills and putting food on the table?
  • Does it mean you’re able to give to others?
  • Does it mean that you can support your family?
  • Maybe it just means having enough cash to get by and having the freedom to do as you please with your days. 

Once you come up with your definition of the word “wealth,” I’m sure it will look and sound pretty different from what society tries to define as prosperity. 

And, I bet you’ll discover that you are already, indeed, living in abundance. 

Here’s the thing: Wealth is already inside you. It’s in your love, joy, and commitment to yourself and your dreams. It’s in your relationships with loved ones. It’s in the everyday little things that give you comfort and sustenance. 

Elegant Women Have a Conscious Relationship With Money

You may not know this, but most of our concepts and opinions about wealth stem from our family. 

Chances are, if you saw your parents spend money thoughtlessly, you may have developed insecure feelings towards the stuff. Likewise, if you witnessed your family hang on to every penny in a miserly fashion, you could have learned to do the same.

Fortunately, once we become aware and conscious of how our family treated their finances, we can develop our own relationship with ours. 

I grew up in a space where funds were scarce. For a long time, I, too, lived in the realm of scarcity. 

It’s not uncommon for wealthy people who come from modest backgrounds to carry a sense of lack with them in fear that they’ll go back to being financially strapped one day.

The good news is that you can transcend this fear by getting conscious around cash and live within abundance.

I know because I did it. 

Consider, first, your relationship with money. 

How do you feel about it? 

How would you define your connection to money? 

If emotions like stress or anxiety start to creep up, then you’ll know right away that you’re harboring feelings of scarcity. 

Write down all the feelings that arise when you consider money and bring a touch of logic into the conversation. And – be honest! 

Don’t make your financial situation worse than it is – stick to the facts. 

You may soon realize that a lot of your emotions surrounding money aren’t based on your current situation at all. Instead, they are all based on the past or old messages around cash that came from your family or society.

And, if you are struggling a bit financially, it’s still important to stick to the details and avoid harmful patterns of thinking. 

Avoid insidious thought patterns like:

  • I’ll never get out of debt 
  • I am always broke  
  • I can never save
  • I can’t afford it

When we reconnect with our money and create a more positive relationship with money, it will inevitably flow. 

Strive for cultivating a loving and intentional connection to money, and its role in your life will transform for the better.

Honor Your Money Elegantly

Whether you’re a millionaire, living paycheck to paycheck, surviving with savings, or managing your finances carefully for the sake of your family, one thing is for sure: you must honor your cash.

Treat your money with the utmost respect. Become aware of and love every dollar you have the good fortune of (briefly) owning.

You can honor your money in many different ways. I keep my money in my wallet with the bills organized neatly. No more losing bills in the washer or shoving them haphazardly in my wallet or bag. 

Honoring my money also includes ridding my wallet of unnecessary receipts and keeping my purse tidy.

Honoring your money can also mean that when you spend it, you spend it wisely and intentionally. Try to avoid spending on things you don’t need or truly want. For example, those impulse purchases or retail therapy sessions? Make them a thing of the past! 

Remember, money is energy. And when we bestow a positive, loving force to our money, it will work better for us, spiritually and practically.

Elegant Women Give and Receive Abundantly

One of the most empowering things you can do with your money is sharing

And I get it that this might be hard for some at first because, as I mentioned earlier, some of us may have been brought up with notions of scarcity and thoughts like “I will never have enough.”

But because of the energetic nature of money, it’s got to be on the move constantly. It can never stay in one place. 

Release those fears of never having enough. 

The truth is, you do and always will have enough! As long as you open your heart to give and share your money, it will come back to you. 

Become a conduit for money. Instead of viewing money as a tool, consider yourself the tool for money to bring others joy and satisfaction. 

When you open your hands to give, it will also teach you how to receive, and money will always flow into your life.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to make a difference in this world. Even just a few dollars can make a huge difference for someone. Offering to pay for someone’s lunch, donating to your favorite charity, or making an annual commitment to purchase supplies for a local school can bring about so much happiness for others. 

I dare you not to feel rich after doing something as lovely as that!

What you believe, you will ultimately attract. So, if you think yourself to be wealthy, you will attract wealth. If you think that money is good in the world, you will attract that which is good.

There is nothing more dynamic than believing wholeheartedly in abundance. 

Allow abundance to be your new mantra, your new motto, your new lifestyle because there is nothing more rich and beautiful than a woman who lives in a state of true abundance.

Like everything we work on in the School of Self-Image, your financial fitness begins with your thinking and feelings about money. In the Wealthy Woman Workshop, available to all Platinum Members of the School of Self-Image, we talk a lot about mindset. Still, we also dig deep into some of the more practical matters around taking control of our finances. 


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