"Your personal power is not something that is going to reveal itself at some later date. Your power is a result of your decision to reveal it. You are powerful in whatever moment you choose to be.-Marianne Williamson.

Many of us don't really understand what personal power is or what it means. 

As little girls, we were often given a false impression that power is coercive, used to control others. The word "power" was (and still is) often used negatively in phrases such as power trip, power struggle, power-hungry, or power play.

A lady, they told us, should be soft, quiet, gentle, docile, unambitious, and yielding. 

In reality, when our personal power is in balance, we are neither overbearing nor meek. That goes for anyone, regardless of gender. 

Women who have a healthy sense of personal power understand their strength and the positive impact it can have on themselves and those around them. 

Personal power heightens our sensitivity toward others and allows us to extend the respect we receive and give. 

It strengthens how we show up in the world and enables us to move toward our dreams and desires. Personal power reinforces the notion that we are valuable, worthy, and deserving of recognition.

Authenticity, style, mindset, and character all play significant roles in our personal power. 

So, as women, how can we nurture, strengthen, and embrace our power with elegance and grace? 

Here are three ways:

Cherish Yourself Powerfully, Just As You Would A Loved One

"You can never meet your potential until you truly learn to love yourself."― Teresa Collins.

There is tremendous personal power in self-love, self-respect, and self-value. 

The way that you see yourself is directly related to how you treat yourself. The flip side of that shiny coin is that how you treat yourself is directly related to how you see yourself

When we make ourselves the highest priority, we are cherishing ourselves.

Most of us want to be fulfilled, happy, secure, powerful, and vibrant – but often, we don't believe we can be or that we deserve it. 

Start cherishing yourself by putting self-love into daily practice. 

  • Show up for yourself without reserve.
  • Keep your promises to yourself.
  • Care for yourself by putting healthy things into your body, keeping unhealthy stuff out of it, and moving to keep it strong.
  • Pay attention to your mind – never permit hateful, belittling, or negative thoughts about yourself. Protect yourself from mean-spirited self-talk just as you would do for a small child. 
  • Use the good dishes because every day is a celebration and because you're worth it.
  • Light the candles and put on the music.
  • Get dressed up just for you; wear what delights you. 
  • Spend the money on that thing you want.
  • Invest in your personal development.
  • Set healthy boundaries and maintain them – both for you and for others.
  • Learn the art of saying, "No."

Self-love is a powerful state of self-appreciation that grows from the mindset and actions that support our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. 

Make and Keep Commitments to Yourself and Others

You can do little more to increase your self-confidence, self-trust, and personal power than making commitments and keeping them. 

We've all made new year's resolutions, only to start strong and then leave them in the dust, wholly forgotten - except for the shame and guilt - weeks later. 

Most of us are familiar with that pattern of promising ourselves that "this time" we'll (fill in the blank).

If there's any sure way to undermine your relationship with yourself, it's to break the promises you make to yourself. The same goes for your relationships with others. 

Whenever I come face to face with something I don't really feel like doing (especially when it's a commitment I made to myself, my team, or to you, my blog readers and podcast listeners), I take a few steps back and ask myself what might be going on. 

Then I ask myself what I need to adjust my attitude

In my experience, keeping commitments is essential to feelings of self-worth. Conversely, breaking promises is a straight shot to guilt and shame. 

Personal power means saying no sometimes to commitments that aren't in line with self-care. It also means having compassion for yourself when you fail. 

Powerfully Honor Your Dreams By Taking Action to Manifest Them 

Achieving your goals is a potent affirmation of personal power. 

First and foremost, you must define precisely what you want. In the School of Self-Image, we always begin by defining our dreams- by setting an extraordinary goal. And here's the thing- we do this not for the woman you are right now, but for the woman you'll need to become to achieve it. 

Remember, the thinking that got you to where you are today will not get you where you want to be. You have to let go of old thought patterns (about yourself or your circumstances) that are holding you back from achieving your dreams. 

Most of us are familiar with manifestation and the laws of attraction. And, we understand that we must change our thinking and self-image to create beyond our current limits and start living our dreams. 

We also must take proactive steps toward getting the things we want. 

As Angelina Lombardo puts it, "Manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality... via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions."

Knowing what you want is only half of the equation. You will not see results without action. And, you won't get into – or maintain – action without re-defining your self-image

Next, take decisive steps toward making your extraordinary goal happen. 

Start a simple to-do list (you'll be amazed at how powerful this can be). 

Then, stop thinking about your dreams as if they're just "someday" goals and think of them in terms of what they actually are: discipline, focus, commitment, and action. 

Show up powerfully for yourself by demonstrating that your goals are worthy of your time and energy, going far beyond simply wishing for them. 

Personal power is a direct result of your self-image

In the School of Self-Image, I teach that your personal power is directly rooted in your self-image. An elevated self-image is essential to transforming your life and creating beyond your current limitations. 


The Self-Image Manifesto

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